Penyanyi Afgan

Succeeding in the Music Industry, Afghanistan Also Manages Various Promising Businesses

As one of the top male soloists, Afgansyah Reza has long been in the Indonesian entertainment world. Carrying Pop genre music, Afgan is known for his baritone vocal color which has its own characteristics.

It's not just his vocal skills that are captivating. Afgan also appears with a handsome face and cute dimples. Inevitably, many fans were fascinated by the singer of the song Thank You Love.

Loves to Sing from a Child

The second of four children, he was born and grew up in a family that supported him in music. Being surrounded by family members who enjoy music makes it easier for Afgan's singing talent to find his way to success. The man who was born in Jakarta, May 27, 1989, is said to have often been asked to sing since he was in high school.

His distinctive voice even sounded mature even though he was only 18 years old. That's when the man who graduated from SD and SLTP Islam Sudirman and SMAN 34 Jakarta was interested in sending a recording of his voice during karaoke. Unexpectedly, this fad paved the way for him to have a career as a singer in the music industry.

Ever Sacrificed Education for a Career

Having difficulty managing time, Afgan decided to leave the world of education for the sake of his career. At that time, Afgan was busy with the production and release of his first album, so he was forced to resign from the Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia (FEUI) in 2008.

But all of that paid off when he finally managed to graduate with a Bachelor of Economy degree from the prestigious Monash University campus. According to his confession to the media, the man who is the son of anesthesiologist Loyd Yahya and pediatrician Lola Purnama dedicated his graduation to his beloved mother.

Diligently Release Special Works

So far, Afgan has released various slick and special works. After launching the album Confession No. 1 (2008) which exploded in the market, he then released an EP titled Clean Yourself the following year. Success continues to follow him, as evidenced by Afgan's songs becoming hits on various radios and occupying the top positions of various charts.

Entering 2010, he released his next album, entitled The One. The song Not Ordinary Love contained in it later became the soundtrack of a feature film with the same title. In fact, the film, starring actress Olivia Lubis Jensen, also featured Afgan as an extra.

Star in Big Screen Movies

After appearing in Not Ordinary Love (2009), Afgan showed his acting skills and penetrated the world of film. He has starred in Cinta 2 Hati (2010) and Pond's Perfect 10 (2013). In addition, he played in Refrain (2013) as well as Afganism (2015).

As a result, Afghanistan is getting more and more famous and successful as one of the top entertainers in the country. As is well known, Afghan supporters and fans later refer to themselves as Afghanistan. The name of Afghanistan is increasingly being taken into account.

Pioneering a Brilliant Career up to Ten Years

Meanwhile, in 2013, he re-released L1ve to Love, Love to L1ve. The album also featured Afgan's collaboration with Sherina in For You and Me. In addition, a song composed by David from Noah's band entitled For You, Aku Bertahan is also a mainstay.

Three years later, Afgan continues his work with the release of the album Sides (2016). This album features songs such as Berani Sadari in collaboration with Rayi Putra and Yura Yunita. Likewise with the song X which was sung with SonaOne.

Marking ten years of a career as a solo singer, Afgan then released Dekade. He collaborated with singers Isyana Sarasvati and Rendy Pandugo for the song Heaven.

Afgan also collaborated with the famous singer from the neighboring country, Sheila Madjid for the song Bring My Love. In addition, other mainstay songs such as Sadistic, Not Ordinary Love, to Match Definitely Meet are also included in the album released in 2018.

Win Various Prestigious Awards

The achievements of an Afghan can not be doubted. With his golden voice, he is able to anesthetize music lovers and entertained thanks to his soul. He has made a number of achievements in the Indonesian music scene, one of which is the AMI Award for Pop Song 2012 through the Arrow Asmara which he sings.

Thanks to the song Panah Asmara, he also won the AMI Award for Best Sound Production Team in 2012. As for Indonesia's KCA, Afgan has won the Favorite Male Singer award in 2008, 2009 and 2010 respectively. In addition, Afgan took home the AMI Award for the Best Male Pop Solo Artist category in 2009 and 2012.

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