MP3 Good Audio

The .MP3 audio file format is well known to many people. This can be seen from the habit of searching on the internet about how to download MP3 songs and indeed this audio format is indeed the most commonly found.

Many people are looking for ways to download MP3 songs on the internet but also often they are disappointed with the audio or sound quality of the songs they download. Sometimes the downloaded MP3 song doesn't sound clear or is commonly called a wheezing.

Many do not know that the quality of MP3 songs is related to the size of the bitrate. If you use an MP3 song download application, you will be offered the audio quality offered with the bitrate size.

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Bitrate consists of numbers with units of Kbps. For example, 128Kbps, 192Kbps, and 256Kbps. What is the bitrate and unit? This is the standard compression size of MP3 songs. The bigger the quality of the MP3 song download, the better.

Usually a large bitrate of 256Kbps will produce good audio with clear music, not crackle. However, this will also make the MP3 song download size bigger, starting from the 1MB to 3MB range.

That's why people used to prefer to download MP3 songs with small bitrates. Now since the size of the internal memory and MicroSD is getting bigger, you can download MP3 songs with high bitrate or large file sizes.

So now when you are going to download MP3 songs, first check the bitrate size offered and take the highest bitrate size, for example 256Kbps so that the quality of the MP3 songs is good.

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It's just a consequence, when downloading high quality the process will take longer. Unless your internet connection is fine.